Ragged Jubilee

18 02 2011

Oh man did I love Ragged Jubilee. They definitely made a fan out of me by the end of their show at Cal Poly…



I love out loud.

18 02 2011

The Love Out Loud Campaign is the senior project of six Cal Poly girls. They have all experienced themselves or known someone who has experienced depression and decided that they wanted to start the conversation. Thus, the open mic night at Kruezbergs. It was incredible reminder of simultaneous vulnerability and strength of the human heart. I have definitely hit some low points and it was you people (and Jesus!) who brought me up. Not one person in our community is facing a battle that another hasn’t already conquered. All it takes is the courage to open your mouth and to share your heart. Here are a couple of the performances that were among stand up comedians, musicians, rappers, slam-poets, and some beautiful poetry.


Lean On Me Cover:

Solid Freestylin:

New Music Updates My Friends

13 10 2010

Hello my fellow music lovers. I have been neglecting this website for quite some time and today is the day where I call it quits. (I’m pretty sure I have a post very similar to this one about a previous neglectful period). So good music has been seeking me out lately. I was sitting in Linnaea’s with some friends and nothing but good tunes were playing. I, of course, was forced to buy a few albums on iTunes, withering my bank account to that of a true college kid. Throughout the summer and these first couple of weeks back at Cal Poly, I have found some great music. Let me just throw a few good artists out there.

John Mark McMillan: The entire album= my summer. His southern indie sound has truly inspired me. I get so many ideas from this man. (Including the idea to film a music video with baby me, aka kathryn my beautiful sister, based off of McMillan’s Carolina Tide) His lyrics just speak truth, his emotions are raw and the instrumentals speak to the soul. If you’ve only heard “How He Loves Us,” then I encourage you to listen to the rest of what this talented man has to offer!

Angus & Julia Stone: Mmm, mmm. This is just a feel-good indie band that anyone could tap their toe to. I recommend Paper Aeroplane or Big Jet Plane. Both are fantastic songs.. I bought the ‘A Book Like This’ album off YouTube.. pretty good. Some songs are like wtf(udge) mate, but for the most part a pretty solid album!

Bon Iver: I know this is probably old news, but if you have never listened to this man then you are depriving yourself! Everything you hear will be good. Blood bank, For Emma, Skinny Love, etc. Listen up folks!

Jon Foreman: The lead singer of Switchfoot has a completely different sound on his self-titled songs. I envision the music being played in the recording studio when I listen.. maybe because it’s raw, maybe because it’s real. I recommend Limbs & Branches if you want to slow it down, but maintain the amazing and innovative instrumentals.

LeCrae: You know I had to throw in some hip hop. Le Crae speaks truth so poetically, it compels and inspires me. Check out his ‘Rebel’ album and see for yourself.

Sorry I haven’t posted in forevskies, but ye I hope you find something you enjoy among these artists. Let’s keep the conversation going about good music.. I want YOUR feedback so leave a comment!

Get yo glowstick on..

9 05 2010

I went to my first rave a few months ago out near Pozos Saloon, “Alice’s Basement.” Let me tell you, it was a trip and a half. Like literally it was a trip, we crammed ourselves into Hana’s Mercedes and traveled into what seemed like an infinite dark abyss. We finally made our way up the windy mountain road and into a friggen rave in the forest. There were way too many “trips” going on. I danced and truly did enjoy the music, but something was off with the situation. I felt a heavy weight of wickedness all around me. Yet I also felt love and unity. A strange dichotomy. I wanted to find out just what raving was about. After talking to several people and professionals and from experiencing a few myself I started to grasp exactly what it was about. It is emotionally persuasive music usually enhanced by the use of ecstasy (which lowers inhibitions and increases the level of serotonin in your brain, overwhelming the body with euphoria) coupled with lights to increase stimulation. It is costumes, “love,” unity, freedom. It is a deeper form of partying that serves as a lifestyle for many. It is an escape.

Good or bad, most say you have to experience it to understand.

Local Artist: PK

22 04 2010

From the grassroots of SLO county the band PK was formed. Their upbeat rock and roll sound and unique tone hooked me

Country boys love rotting cows

right away and I had to find out exactly who these guys were. I hauled Eduardo up the grade and into Paso Robles and sat down with 3 of the 5 band members to talk music. Only after a few minutes of talking with Travis Hawley, the lead singer, I realized that I was in the presence of something special. There was an instant connection which was probably only a glimpse of the kind of connection the band has with its audience. By the end of the interview with a couple of the guys we already had inside jokes and all appropriateness was out the window. It was awesome. That connection drove me straight to Boo Boo Records to pick up their first album, Into the Roaring, to find out just what my musical life was missing. (I had only heard a couple of their songs before going into the interview). I came to find a CD that didn’t leave my car stereo for a solid two weeks. That’s pretty big for me. Check out this interview and then hit up their myspace page or their blog and see for yourself what PK is all about.

You can find their album on iTunes or in the “local artists” section at Boo Boo Records.

Belief in myself

22 02 2010

I decided to write a little personal post because I think you guys deserve to know the heart of where these words you read are coming from…

As I let the initial publication of this post settle in for me over the past couple of weeks, I’ve realized that I’m not scared to be great, what I’m scared of is how that greatness is going to be perceived. My life’s purpose, as I’ve come to realize is to be a light. To really connect with people and be the person that is going to make them laugh when time is hard. By containing myself, it’s selfish. Why trap the person I am when the person I am serves a purpose. I guess i’ve realized that in order to be successful I must accept success, I must accept that I have greatness in me. It’s not arrogant. It’s not showing off. It’s who i am. So I am going to continue to strive, to stay positive in the midst of negativity, and turn No’s to Yes’s. I get that this world wants to reject you, it’s easier, in probably every area in ones life. It’s that we recognize that and continue to persevere. ¬†As a creative being with a raw talent for singing, I often struggle finding the confidence to sing in front of others, to reveal to people what I really can do with my voice. Not that I get stage fright, more so that I have never been given a singing lesson in my life. I have never been critiqued on how I sing. I don’t know that I even have a decent voice. Finding my voice has been an direct parallel with finding myself.

In the end though, I know God gave me this gift for a reason. I feel so anxious knowing I have it in me and I have no way to share that with the world. I never thought school was for me. Every couple of months it hits me.. what am I doing here? Shouldn’t I be packing my bags and pursuing my dream? I get it though. This is my solid foundation, this is my future career I’m preparing for. Once I graduate college.. that’s my time. Who knows what the future holds, but for now I want to share with you all how I’ve progressed as a singer..

This was the first time I ever sang in public. The first time I let anyone, outside of my family, see that I even have a voice. One of my teachers, who never really believed in me, was one of the judges. I showed her ; )

This was my first open mic. You’ll see forgetting the words is a nervous trend of mine.

Most recently.. I’m finally finding my voice, just gotta get rid of those nerves!

Anywho, thanks for checkin out my blog! Now go and be anyone you want to be.. run children runnnnn

Peace, love, and “I love shrimp” aprons

Newly Discovered

16 02 2010

I was introduced to a couple bands this weekend. Music to make you smile.

Listen and enjoy. Hey, it’s sunny in SLO again.

Future of Forestry

Slow you’re breath now, take it slow.

Bon Iver

One of the best indie folk bands with a hint of current taste I’ve heard in a long, long time.

And as always, if these don’t brighten your spirit, there is always Simon & Garfunkal’s The Only Living Boy in New York.

More in depth stuff to come people, school is crazy for now.